Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife expansion gets dynamic weather

Today we’ve got a quick look at the new dynamic weather effects for the upcoming Snail Games expansion for Age of Wushu entitled Tempest of Strife. What can players expect to see with this new system?

In the Tempest of Strife expansion, players can experience more immersive environments with realistic weather effects, including dust storms, snow, thick fog, light rain, thunderstorms, solar eclipses and a new day-to-night cycle. Certain weather conditions can also unlock mysterious events, including stopping an assassination shrouded in fog, searching for treasure during a desert sandstorm, stopping a rebel army under a solar eclipse and defeating an assassin for his hidden weapon in a fierce thunderstorm.

You can check out a quick video representation of this new weather engine above, and you can dig further into some of the new dynamic events at the official site, here.


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