Adult Swim Games Adds Lee-Lee’s Quest 2 to Their Online Flash Games Roster

Got a little time to kill? In the mood for a free flash game with a good sense of humor? Then behold, citizen – I bring word from Adult Swim Games about their latest offering! Click through for some more details on the gem that is Lee-Lee’s Quest 2.

Adult Swim Games summarizes this title thusly:

Lee Lee is on a brand new quest to rescue his ex-girlfriend from a happy and healthy relationship. Traverse deserts, caves, and weird looking villages. Destroy sass talking squares and collect random floating objects for no apparent reason, the quest must go on!

Really, if you’re at all a platformer fan, you’re probably going to get a kick out of this game. Good voice acting and comedy are the main draws here, rather than any supremely innovative gameplay aspects – but that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to Adult Swim Games. So by all means, check this one out and let us know what you think.

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