Activision’s Independent Games Competition Offers $250,000 to Fledgling Game Designers

Do you have a great idea for a game about a grim commando who uses a selection of firearms to mow down enemies in a tightly scripted campaign?  If so, better move fast because you only have a little under three months to come up with something much, much more original that could win up to $175,000 at Activision’s Independent Games Competition!

“This competition underscores Activision’s commitment to fostering creativity in the independent development community,”Dave Stohl, Executive Vice President of Studios, Activision, said. “Many of us began our careers as indies, so we are very proud to offer this kind of support and encouragement to a couple of the industry’s young visionaries.”

The partnership between Activision and IndieCade for the award program acknowledges the important role IndieCade plays in fostering opportunities for young, creative and independent game talent.

There’s also a second prize which awards $75,000 to the fortunate recipient.  All submissions are due by December 31st, 2011, so head on over to Activision’s home site to get the full details on how you could make your dream game a reality!

(Note: Activision lists this address for full rules and details about the Independent Games Competition, but at the time of this posting, the site appears temporarily unavailable.  Keep checking back for the full scoop!)

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