A Way Out is the next game from the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

During EA’s live press conference today, EA Play, developer Hazelight—the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons—took the stage to reveal their next game, A Way Out; a two-player cooperative game about two prison inmates planning and attempting their escape.

A Way Out hopes to deliver a uniquely story-driven couch co-op game, one which introduces interesting and singular gameplay experiences with each chapter of the game’s exclusively two-player campaign. Gameplay footage was revealed during the live event, showcasing a number of different gameplay instances, like a car-chase scene with some third-person shooting, a scene from within the prison as the two playable characters sneak around prison guards, and a classic prison fight.

Here’s writer and director at Hazelight Josef Fares on A Way Out:

This game is going to bring a co-op experience unlike anything you have ever seen before. The idea for A Way Out came when me and a friend tried to find a story driven co-op game that wasn’t a drop-in/drop-out experience. We simply could not find a game like that. We’re also bringing an innovative look into how to tell the story of both these characters. Players will be immersed in the game with the way we change the display from a full-screen experience seamlessly to different cinematic split-screen formats. By focusing on the two characters in different ways, it opens up a huge variety of gameplay, as we really wanted to avoid repetitions so they will get to know the characters through very different situations.

A Way Out is slated for release digitally for PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin in early 2018.

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