A really big screenshot sold me on Total War: Rome II


One thing I’ve noticed about myself in recent years is that I don’t get that feeling of giddiness as often as I used to over new games. Maybe it’s because these days every other high-profile game is a standard shooter or third-person action game and I’ve become desensitized towards them, or perhaps as I get older my tastes are simply evolving. Whatever the case, today I experienced that rare sensation of good old fashion, nerdy excitement… and all it took was a screenshot. A really,  really big screenshot.

Displaying at an impressive resolution of 30000 x 9785, this panoramic shot (click click click!) of Total War: Rome II  captures the battle of Teutoburg Forest, where players will experience new gameplay features including a true line-of-sight system, deployment of battlefield technology, and a new style of ambush scenarios.

You can find more information and a CGI trailer of the battle featured in the screenshot on the game’s wiki page. Rome II  does not have a specific release date, but is scheduled for a PC release in 2013.

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