7th Guest kickstarter has 4 days left to meet its goal

The kickstarter for the 7th Guest 3: The Collector is down to around three days to go with 113k raised, well below the target goal of 435k. That’s less of a ‘down to the wire’ situation for a kickstarter, and more one that calls for some daring moves in a mad dash to actually cross the finish line. Rob Landeros is trying to rally the troops and make a valiant last-ditch effort – so if those feelings of nostalgia for another go at Stauf’s creations are still felt by you, now is probably the time to open the wallet.

There are still some decent tier rewards for those willing to really go all-in on this kickstarter – including a hand-crafted, limited edition ouija board by Paranormal Products, opportunities to get one’s likeness included in the game, and more. Be sure to check out the kickstarter ASAP if you’re interested, because time is definitely running out on this one.

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