343 plans to beta test every future Halo game

After the matchmaking issues that have been plaguing the Master Chief Collection since launch, 343 will be holding a public beta test for each subsequent game in the Halo series.

Speaking to Game Informer, 343’s Bonnie Ross said that it will become a series standard to have a beta test before each Halo game launches from now on, acknowledging how poor the launch of the Master Chief Collection went was painful for both the studio and fans of the long-running shooter series.

[Quote via Destructoid]

Going forward, you will never see a Halo game coming out without a beta. [Master Chief Collection] was obviously painful for our fans and for us,” said Ross. “But it won’t happen again.”

“There is so much we learned with the Halo 5 beta. There is actually stuff we took from our Master Chief Collection — learnings that we were able to put into the [Halo 5: Guardians] beta,” she added.

Matchmaking problems for the Master Chief Collection were so widespread that 343 ended up releasing Halo 3: ODST to early adopters for free. The collection featured all four mainline Halo games, and those who purchased it were granted access to the Halo 5: Guardians beta.

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