2K Sports Simplifies $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to pitch a perfect game in 2K Sports’ MLB series, but lack the time, patience, or equipment to videotape yourself doing it live?  Suuuure you do.  Well you’re out of excuses now, because when MLB 2k12’s Perfect Game Challenge returns this April, the developers are making it easier than ever to put your controller where your mouth is.

As an added bonus, the submission process has been simplified. For the first time in the Perfect Game Challenge’s three-year history, competitors will not be required to submit video recordings of their perfect games. To participate, players will simply compete in Major League Baseball 2K12’s Perfect Game Challenge mode and submit a unique code at upon completion of a perfect game.

Throwing that first perfect game is only the first step, of course.  A ranked leaderboard will then be used to determine the top eight finalists who will compete for the grand prize live, so no shenanigans people!

MLB 2k12 is due to arrive March 6th, giving the would-be Wild Things among us a solid month in the bullpen before the Perfect Game Challenge starts on April 4th.  As always, more details can be found by clicking the Press Release button below!

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