Sword of the Stars II Devs Details Holiday Patch Plans

Sword of the Stars II came out about seven weeks ago and it’s…not great.  It is getting better though, and the development team at Kerberos Productions has taken the time to update the community on the big patch they’re hoping to have available later today:

Hey folks,
cause everyone is interested I thought I would outline the next few days for you. The plan is to put a big update out on Tuesday and then follow it up with at least one hotfix before friday. The update will contain some mission screen changes and a pass at combat to address some issues. Will be a bit lean in terms of picking up on content, and to be honest I wish we were farther ahead on that count, but given the holiday week, we have decided in the push/shove contest of feature placement vs stability, stability has to get the nod from Santa. So update and then a few days if intensive hotfixing of anything resembling a CTD or gameflow stopper. The plan is to get you folks playing a SotS2 game from beginning to end with a reasonable chance of success. Will be less huge of a game for now but what is there will work. Thats the plan.

The new year as I have mentioned will have at least a couple updates a month till every lil thing is where it should but the longer pacing should make for much cleaner updates. Before the end of the week we will put out a fairly comprehensive list of whats in and whats waiting so you can adjust your holiday playing accordingly.

Here’s hoping this next patch brings the game closer to the developer’s original vision.  Keep an eye out for its arrival sometime soon.

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