1980s throwback action shooter Narco Terror now available on Steam


Ah, the 1980s. Do you remember them? Because I sure don’t. But documentary evidence suggests that it was a time of big hair, bad music videos, explosions, and a whole lot of interest in drugs. Blowing up drug-filled vehicles, taking drugs at nightclubs… pretty sure Nancy Reagan had a part in all that, but exactly what is slipping my mind. Whatever the case, Narco Terror is now available on Steam, promising an 80s-styled cooperative arcade shooter experience and pitting you against a dangerous drug cartel. The only thing that isn’t 80s about this title, apparently, is the graphics – the only 3D the 80s had was the Money for Nothing video.

Narco Terror comes with 12 missions, customizable and upgradeable weapons, plus online and offline drop-in/drop-out multiplayer – so anyone looking for some fresh arcade shooter action, you may want to check this one out on Steam and see if it seems worth a gamble.

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