Top 10 cards in Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn starter decks

The Rise of the Floodborn starter decks are packed with great new cards to usher in Chapter 2 of Lorcana. Some of the cards are standouts within the decks and have potential to be great even as you expand beyond the starters. Here are our Top 10 Cards from the Rise of the Floodborn starter decks.

1. I’m Stuck

I’m Stuck is a really straightforward action card that packs a huge punch. Sitting at just 1 cost and inkable, it’s extremely versatile. The ability to pin your opponent’s power or combo cards is the type of action that wins games.

2. The Queen, Commanding Presence

At 5 cost, the Queen, Commanding Presence, can be late to the party but with Shift 2, you could actually play her on turn 2 with a lucky starting hand and another 1 cost version of herself. If you can play her early, the 4/3 stat line is pretty strong, but her “Who is the Fairest?” ability could allow you to freely snipe opposing characters off the board for the remainder of the game.

3. Winnie the Pooh, Having a Think

Pooh has a nice stat line at 3 cost, inkable, and 2/3 with 2 lore, but his Honey Pot ability is what lands him so high on this list. Any opportunity to gain an ink advantage and get your power cards out early is so good.

4. Merlin, Shapeshifter

I am cheating a bit here, but Merlin combined with his/Mim’s other shape shifted cards is a blast to play and chain combos together with. His various forms grant all kinds of buffs that you can string together when you need them.

5. The Prince, Never Gives Up

The Prince, Never Gives Up, isn’t super flashy but is able to consistently generate lore for you and is hard to remove. The 3 health is average, but add in the +1 resist and it should keep him on the field long enough to make a difference. Bodyguard also lets him soak damage for your more vulnerable characters.

6. Grand Duke

The Grand Duke has average stats, but his supporting ability has the potential to make your other “royal” characters a nuisance for your opponent to keep up with.

7. Happy, Good Natured

Happy is an expensive supporting character to get on the table, but he is able to consistently quest for a nice 2 lore while feeling pretty safe with 5 health. Having Support ensures you don’t waste his enticing 3 attack either.

8. Bashful, Hopeless Romantic

Bashful is a rare 3 lore character with an incredible 5 health. It will take focused effort to stop him charging up the lore track and his drawback of being actually bashful isn’t enough to reduce his potential.

9. Gumbo Pot

A two cost reusable item that can heal multiple characters? Yeah, that’s pretty good. It’s also inkable incase you need it in a pinch or don’t require healing.

10. Christopher Robin, Adventurer

At 6 cost, Christopher Robin is likely to enter the late stage of the game, but once you get him out, you’ll rocket to the top of the lore track. His super high health makes him a real problem to deal with and his ability lets him essentially quest for 4 lore every turn. Potentially even more if you can do some shenanigans with ready-ing and exhausting him multiple times in a turn.

What are your favorite cards from the new starter decks? Let me know what I missed.

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