TGIF: Gaming Trend’s Weekend Lineup

Where there’s smoke there’s … neon? This weekend keeps the March Madness of video games marching with arguably PlayStation 4’s most-anticipated first-party title, Infamous: Second Son. An impressive and exciting addition to the already amazing set of new releases we’ve seen this month, and just one more reason to spend money that we don’t have on our favorite hobby. There is no shortage of awesome games to play, so here is what the GT staff is playing this weekend.

Josh Devlin – Reporter

Dark Souls II has given me the itch to go back and play more of the original Dark Souls. I’ve gotten maybe a third of the way through the game, rerolled and started anew about six different times now–it’s a violent love/hate/accuse/forgive relationship. I predict this weekend will be 15% playing Dark Souls and 85% sobbing into my pillow because of how the game will mistreat me.

Justin Pauls – Staff Writer

I’ve been fighting the urge to pick up a PS4 to play Second Son, especially since the price for the console just went up $50 where I live. Instead, I’m going to sink my teeth further into Titanfall, and perhaps some PvZ: Garden Warfare with the new free DLC.

I have Crimson Dragon sitting on my pins page, taunting me, but so far it feels more like Crimson Draggin’. I really should play it more, just to try and eke out some value on that purchase. I find the same lack of interest in Need for Speed Rivals, as it feels too derivative. Perhaps a closer look – I just don’t need two “Rivals” games in my queue – it would be far too poetic for my tastes.

Stefan Alexander – Staff Writer

Too. Many. Games. There’s just too many. I say that in the best possible way, of course. There’s just not enough time in a 24 hour day to play it all. So until someone invents a working time machine prototype, I’ll just have to keep picking my battles. This weekend, there’s gotta be time made for Second Son, I’ve been waiting for that one for a while and after reading David’s review I’m even more excited. I’m probably most stoked to boot up the new Metal Gear, which should be a nice appetizer since it’s supposed to be a short playthrough. Then there’s always time for Persona 4 (amazing game) on the Vita and Starcraft 2. But most of my game hours will be clocked on the massive review that I’m currently working on. Game on. And don’t forget to take regular breaks for food, water and especially the bathroom.

Breanna Goodman – Lead Features Editor

I finally got a Tropico 5 beta invite earlier this week, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what El Presidente has to offer in the next entry in the series. Hopefully, the tropical setting will help me forget about the miserable weather recently. Other than that, Payday 2 just got a huge update and it’s been a while since I robbed a bank, so I’ll probably spend some time reconnecting with my inner criminal.

What are you spending your gaming time this weekend?

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