TGIF: Gaming Trend’s Weekend Lineup – Better Late Than Never Edition

There were a couple of little games that came out this past Tuesday that I can’t for the life of me remember their names. Were they … Titan Souls II and Dark Falling Titans? No … Maybe … Attack on Titan and Titans X Souls: Falling Darkly 1.5? No, but that last one was close, I know it …

Look on the briefcase, maybe it’s on the briefcase … Titanfall and Dark Souls II! I was way off.

Some of us on the GT staff might be dropping into some mech vs. pilot mayhem, while others may be pounding their heads against the castle walls of Majula in Dark Souls II. Even a strange few might be playing something else entirely, but we keep those people locked in a broom closet and don’t talk to them very much.

Josh Devlin – Reporter
Don’t let them scare you. The broom closet isn’t so bad once you get used to it. Sure you may have to crouch into the fetal position to fit, there may be some sort of greenish-brown goo dripping from the ceiling, and it smells like dead rats, but it’s kind of homey once you get used to it. I’ve been here playing Peggle 2 since December and the nausea has finally started to subside. Maybe if I bite the bullet and go buy an Xbox One Titanfall Bundle they’ll let me out, or I can just stay here and play more Peggle 2. Decisions, decisions.

Justin Pauls – Staff Writer
Weekend playtime? Ha. I’ll be hopefully enjoying a beautiful Canadian March weekend, sitting one of the worlds largest fresh-water bodies, ice fishing. This may be cut short by my need to play Titanfall, as Saturday will see me returning to the city for yet another of my son’s playoff hockey games. I’ve not had a ton of time with it, but it certainly is on the top of my play list. Sunday night after we let Josh out of the broom closet I will get a match or two in – but sleep is so elusive that getting any time with a controller is a struggle.

Ron Burke – Editor in Chief
I came back from SXSW with a horrible cold. I’ve been sick since Tuesday which has given me a little bit of gaming time with Titanfall and Shadowrun: Dragonfall. More likely I’ll be tackling some of the fantastic interviews we pulled at SXSW. There are some amazing Indie games coming, and we sat down for a look at roughly a dozen of them. Beyond that we should have the panel Mike and I had with David Sinclair of Crytek and Richard Garriott of Portaliarum. Gotta tune up some audio on our interview with Starr Long for an exclusive update on Shroud of the Avatar. In short, I’ll be playing with audio levelling and video production for all of you!

Lucious Barnes – Staff Writer

This weekend is a stuffed one, catching the local Renaissance Fair before it heads out of town, as well as completing a few other table RPG gaming projects… true geek stuff! So my videogame diversions are probably going to be focused on alternating gaming time for South Park the Stick of truth with the girlfriend, and getting my hack’n slash on with some Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends (I hope that series goes on forever.) Between all that i need to prepare my entertainment center for welcoming home a belated PS4 purchase for when Watchdogs finally hits the shelves!

What about you guys? Are you guys playing Titanfall and/or Dark Souls II, or are you spending your weekend locked in a broom closet?

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