TGIF: Gaming Trend’s Weekend Lineup

Eighty percent of the United States is stuck indoors because of frigid temperatures and eight feet of snow while the other 20% is melting in a balmy 85 degrees. Why would anybody want to go outside and deal with awful things like weather when they could just stay inside and play video games all weekend? We’re a little shorthanded this week, but here’s what the GT staff is playing:

Josh Devlin – Reporter

This weekend I’m going to try and play more South Park: The Stick of Truth. I was very late getting on the South Park bandwagon (I just watched the entire series for the first time a month ago), but the game (and the show) are hilarious. The combat is surprisingly fun and there is a lot to see and do. I’m sure I’ll play a little Peggle 2 to break up the side-splitting action as well.

Breanna Goodman – Lead Features Editor

This weekend I plan to take a look at the Early Access game Frozen Endzone. It’s set to get a big update on Monday, so look out for my preview of the new features next week. Other than that, PS+ continues to be one of the best gaming investments I’ve ever made, and I’ll probably play something from my PS+ backlog like Bioshock Infinite or DmC.

Ron Burke – Editor in Chief

I’m currently at SXSW, and by the time you read this I likely have already had my time in the sun to speak about UX in Video Games with Richard Garriott from Portalarium, David Sinclair from Crytek, and our own Mike Dunn. Hopefully I’ve not vomited on the podium in front of 2500 industry veterans! Beyond that, I decided to break out Super Meat Boy to see what all the hype is about (turns out they were right), and I’m working on a super secret thing that only Gaming Trend has in their possession. We’ll have a full walkthrough of…nope…not gonna ruin the surprise. Stay tuned though – it’s gonna be awesome.

Justin Pauls – Staff Writer

Busy week – in fact, my normal job cooked about 12+ hours each day, plus parenting. Sleep came last in the pecking order, so I hope to catch up on some of it this weekend. I’m going to be writing up an impressions article on the newly released Xbox One Stereo Headset as well as the new headset adapter, as well as finishing up a few other pieces.

Gaming is taking a bit of a backseat in all of this, but I do hope to log some more hours in Plants VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare, get around to finishing up Strider (so close, just one more area to go!). Peggle 2 got some free DLC content that I’m looking forward to going through. My PC has been calling to me, and before I go traipsing through Arkham Asylum, I really want to finish off DMC Devil May Cry.

Tell us what games you’ll be playing as you elect to stay out of the elements?

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