Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 Review

The popularity of collectable card games took of with the phenomenon called Magic: The Gathering.  It was unique in that it created a game where you constructed your own deck from random cards you bought from the store.  Since then, other collectable card games have come and gone, but a few have continued to gain popularity.  One of those is Yu-Gi-Oh!  While we

When out on the map walking around, you see everyone represented as people walking around with big heads and small bodies.  The areas represented on the map are the same ones you

The intro of Tag Force 2 sounds like what you The controls are relatively simple.  The D-pad controls movement, X selects cards or interacts with the environment, and Circle cancels.  Konami has surprising gone above and beyond with the controls.  When hitting the L or R button, the face buttons become shortcuts for things like saving, talking, or editing your deck while on the field screen.  While you probably won

If you have played Yu-Gi-Oh as a card game or as a video game, then you probably know what to expect.  You create a character move around the map, finding others to talk to, get information from, and duel against.  What is different about Tag Force 2 is the fact that you have a partner that you hang out with all the time.  You duel together on the same field if you want to.

As you duel you win dueling points.  These points can be used to buy cards for yourself or to buy gifts for your partner.  In Tag Force 2 you have a relationship with your partner that develops thoughout the game.  By your partner

The main portion of the game is going through as a member of Duel Academy.  What if you just want to play a quick game without worrying about the storyline and finding an opponent?  Then you can just go to the Free Duel and set up if you want to do a one-on-one duel or a two-on-two duel and the number of duels to win the match.  The game does have multiplayer through a network connection, but it

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