Ys: The Oath in Felghana Review

Less than three months after the release of Ys Seven, Xseed brings us the remake of Ys Three for the PSP, entitled Ys: The Oath in Felghana. I reviewed Ys Seven and gave it a respectable score of 83. Like Ys Seven, The Oath in Felghana was developed with the PSP in mind and it once again follows the adventures of the series heroes Adol and Dogi. Gameplay wise The Oath in Felghana is an action RPG, just like Ys Seven, but the games are not cut and paste. Ys: The Oath in Felghana is its own game, with its own gameplay, combat mechanics, magic system, and brand of storytelling.

Where’s My Party?


Perhaps the biggest change over Ys Seven is the fact that Oath in Felghana is not a party based game. Throughout the game you will only be controlling Adol, so there is no character swapping party system. The action is still fast paced though, as Adol has to cut his way through monster after monster. You view the game from both an overhead zoomed out view and from a side view. The camera will zoom in and out on its own depending on the area that you are in. It actually works quite well and the various viewing angles are never a distraction as they seem somewhat natural. The one complaint I do have is that at times the camera gets zoomed out too far and it can be hard to see enemies because they are so small.

The Oath in Felghana also has its own weapons and armor system. All of the weapons and armor in the game are upgradable through the main town

A Self Contained Sotry


The Story once again follows Adol and Dogi on an adventure. This particular story is based on Ys Three, so it takes place early in their adventuring career.  The game opens up with the pair returning to Dogi

Perhaps the biggest improvement this Ys has over part seven is that the game makes full use of voice actors. All of the story sequences contain above average voice acting. Adol himself doesn

One complaint that I had about Ys Seven, that unfortunately still applies to this game is that the graphics aren

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