Ys Seven Review

Ys is a long running series dating all the way back to the old NEC PC-8801 which is a Japanese Computer System from the 80’s. The series is known for action RPG roots, but it has never been able to reach the same level of success in the west as other Japanese action RPG

Long Series But Rookies Are Welcome


Even though Ys is a long running series with a deep history, it

Great Gameplay


Ys Seven is a hack-n-slash action RPG, giving you complete control of your characters at all times. The fights are all real time and fast. Imagine Diablo, but with console style controls that are more fluid and much faster and you will have a sense of what Ys Seven is all about. Your party will consist of up to three characters being active at one time, but you only directly control one character. The other two will be controlled by the AI, which you can assign pre-defined behaviors to. You are free to swap from character to character on the fly, and indeed you will find that you have to in order to beat certain enemies. Each character in the game has a different base attack style ranging from, slashing, bashing, and piercing. Adding to the strategy is the fact that some enemies are strong against certain types of attacks and weak against others. This system ensures that you will constantly be swapping your active characters in and out in order to use the most effective weapons.

The game controls fairly easily, with the analog stick controlling your movement and the x-button triggering your basic attacks. On top of basic attacks, each character has a group of special attacks that consume Spell Power (SP). You can have four special attacks active at once, one assigned to each face button, and you simply hold down the R button and the corresponding face button to activate the special attack. What

As I mentioned earlier, the combat is a strong point in this game. I actually found myself wondering around killing monsters just for the thrill of fighting them, leveling up, and collecting thier spoils. Most monsters are easy to defeat, but Ys Seven also packs in a huge dose of bosses to contend with. The bosses are all much larger than the typical bad guys and they are all unique, with their own set of attacks and weaknesses. None of them are pushovers either and you may find yourself going back out and leveling some more before you can beat them. The boss encounters are a true high point for the game.


Side Quests


Ys Seven is a lengthy game. The main storyline could easily take you around 30 hours to beat, but on top of that, there are several dozen side quests which you can complete. Some side quests give you the task of killing very powerful enemies, so don

Ys Seven is a game that seems perfect for co-operative multiplayer, but the game doesn

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