Yakuza 4 Review

Last year at about this time I reviewed Yakuza 3, giving it a very respectable score of 87%. I was new to the series at that time, but I was impressed with the game’s strong storyline, open environment, and fun combat system. I was also pleased by the fact that Sega went out of their way to welcome newcomers to the series by including lengthy storyline summaries of the previous two entries in the series. Check out my full review of Yakuza 3 for my complete thoughts on that game. I encourage you to do so if you are thinking about picking up Yakuza 4 because the two games are very similar. That

What The game

Is the Fighting Still Fun?


Since Yakuza 4 uses the same engine as part 3 the gameplay during the fighting sections is nearly identical. The game

Did I Just Say Heroes?



What About the Mini Games?


When Sega decided to release Yakuza 3 in North America they cut out some of the mini games that the Japanese version had. Fans of the series took this as a slap in the face, but Sega thought that the North American audience would find that a dating sim slammed into the middle of a criminal story is more than odd. This time around Sega decided to leave everything in and after playing the “Hostess Dress Up” game I

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