X-Men: The Official Game Review

The X-Men are one of the properties that have leapt from the pages of comic books to the movie screen and television.  The X-Men cartoon from the early to late 1990

The PS2 is the oldest of the current generation of consoles, unless you count the Dreamcast.  It is also the least powerful, and it really shows in the game.  It

The game has the benefit of using the resources of the movie for the game as well, and it has taken some of those resources and used it to full effect.  The music in the game is taken directly from the movie score, and it sounds fantastic.  It adds the right balance of tension and excitement to the game.  It never overpowers the on-screen action.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have reprised their roles from the movie in X-Men: The Official Game.  Patrick Stewart is only used in cutscenes, but Hugh Jackman contributes to the game scenes as well.  There are a few times where the lines come out a little flatter than I think they should, but I have heard a lot worse voice acting in many other games.  The voice acting of the other characters is admirable, even if it doesn

Since you play as three different characters with unique abilities, the controls are unique for each of the three.  There are some general similarities though.  Movement is done with the left analog stick while the right one slightly controls the camera.  The face buttons are your attacks.  While playing as Wolverine and Nightcrawler, hitting the buttons in different patterns perform different combos.  It

X-Men: The Official Game starts out easily enough.  You start out with a training mission for each character.  Two of them even take place in the Danger Room, where the X-Men perform their training, so it seems appropriate.  However, once you get past that the real fun, or frustration, begins.

Playing as Wolverine reminded me a bit of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.  Wolverine has claws and isn The game does have unlockables that you can collect throughout the game.  Throughout the levels Weapon X tokens and Sentinel tech pieces can be picked up.  These unlock different costumes for the X-Men as well as Danger Room Missions that you can hone your skills on.  Also, the upgrades you choose to make with your characters through the game get you to keep playing through the game again.  You also have three different difficulty levels for each mission, and you can select which difficulty level to use before starting each mission.  However, once you have played through the game once, there isn

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