X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review


Graphically the game looks phenomenal.  The in-game cutscenes are gorgeous and round out the story line quite well.  The game engine, a modified version of the Unreal 3 engine, is nothing short of amazing.  From lush tropical locales to sterile laboratories hidden in the American Southwest, all the environments are a feast for the eyes.  Add in tons of environmental interaction and destruction and you have one truly immersive world.


Speaking of environmental destruction, one of the most incredible is Wolverine

The sound is fantastic throughout the game.  Whether it

As with most any third-person game, the control scheme is very familiar.  You start off with very few moves and some simple combos and as you progress through the game your moves become more powerful and more intricate.  It is a tribute to how well planned out the gameplay is that there is no training level to be seen.  You simply leap right into the story and new moves and actions are revealed to you bit by bit as you progress through the story.

The controls are well thought out, with the buttons mapping out to a heavy attack, a light attack, a jump button, and a throw button.  Pushing up on the D-Pad triggers your feral sense ability, allowing you to track enemies and highlight special items in the world, such as destructible crates or bonus items.  Targeting is handled via the R1 button with lunge being activated using L1.  This simple command scheme is easy to get comfortable with, and you

First of all, let One of the few drawbacks to this game is that it is fairly short.  Expect to complete the story in somewhere around 15-20 hours.  And when I say complete, I mean COMPLETE.  While there are hidden items and Easter eggs throughout the game, none of them require much effort to discover, and you should see the majority of them on your initial run through the story.  With only three difficulty levels (you must complete the game on Easy or Medium to unlock Hard), no online play, and only four alternate costumes to discover, there is not a whole lot in the way of replay value.  For the most part, the trophies are easy to obtain and even if you are a complete trophy whore like me, you shouldn

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