WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 Review

My experience with

Most of the graphics for SvR actually look pretty good.  The textures for the wrestlers include tattoos and muscles, and their costumes match their real counterparts.  During the wrestlers

The music in SvP has a heavy rock metal beat.  These tunes are performed by groups such as Bumpy Knuckles, Billy Ray, and Dark New Day.  If you have ever caught part of a wrestling program, you have an idea of what to expect.  These songs are not only a part of the menu screens but during the wrestler introductions as well.

In the ring you have your traditional sounds of hitting the mat and the ringing of the bell.  While you don

Trying to explain the controls for SvR is difficult because the buttons do something different depending on the position and situation.  Generally striking attacks are performed with the X and a direction on the D-pad, while Circle and the D-pad perform grapple attacks.  Reversals and counters are done with the L or R button, depending on which button is prompted.

The controls do take some getting used to because SvR is not a button masher like some fighting games.  SvR is built more on timing and finesse.  There are instances where you can try to hit the buttons in rapid succession and wonder why you aren

SvR has a lot of modes available for you to play.  Exhibition matches let you play a practice match.  These matches include single, tag team, triple threat, four way, and Royal Rumble.  Arcade mode has some of the more interesting games.  They are Texas Hold

The story in the season mode can take a while to finish, as well as the number of achievements and wrestlers to unlock.  You can also play it with different players and try to win different matches to see how the season might unfold differently.  You can also try to be a General Manager for SmackDown or Raw and increase the fan base which can keep you occupied for a while.

You can also play exhibition matches, title matches, or the arcade games online with up to three others online.  The only problem might be the fact that it

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