Worms: Open Warfare 2 Review

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Even though the graphics are colorful throughout the game, it can frequently be difficult to actually tell what is going on with your worms. I would recommend choosing a very distinct color for your team, otherwise it will be very easy to confuse your players with those of your opponents.

The levels are actually well designed to give players a solid challenge and being able to alter the landscape during combat is a great feature. Where trouble brews is when your worms start hitting mystery pixels and rebounding off their ledge and into water below all because you misjudged where an outcropping was. If you

The music for each level matches the theme of the level. The pirate music for the opening levels is oddly catchy, as are the tracks for both world war themes. The sound effects for the worms are cute indeed, and the weapon effects have a nice pop to them.

Special mention must go to whomever crafted the Holy Hand Grenade (of Antioch

The controls are where the game is, funny enough, the best off. Players move their worms with the directional pad, they open up the weapons menu with the Y button, their fire or detonate their weapons with the A button, and they jump with a tap of the B button. A backflip happens when players hit the B button twice in rapid succession. Holding down the Left or Right button pads while pressing on the directional pad will scroll the camera around the map, which is useful for finding your targets when their locations are not immediately apparent.

Of course, the stylus can be used throughout the game to select items from the menu screen, or used to direct certain weapons like the Air Strike. It

This game sucks. Oh sure, there are tons of things to buy in the shop, plenty of online modes to try out, and the ability to design your own course using the stylus on the touch pad. But if your focus is the single player campaign then know how much of a headaches you are in for as you struggle mightily against the horrible AI of your opponents, cheating AI who can get perfect shots with the wind nine times out of 10, and having to rely on luck to clear several missions.

This thing smacks of a cheap development cycle on many levels and one thing THQ needs to put into future titles in this series is a simple three letter word: F-U-N. You know, something I had absolutely none of while playing. Instead, we’re stuck with only the F and the U from THQ.

A video game is supposed to be entertaining, a modern alternative to reading a book. Instead of hurling Hemingway across the room, I found myself wanting to hum my DS Lite through the nearest window in pure frustration at any one of a dozen different problems. Cheating AI. Horrible enemy AI. Random pixels blocking progress of either you or your mobile weapons. Poor physics. Bad graphics. Lack of any genuine reason to continue playing.


It remains difficult to imagine a desire to play through either the campaign or the puzzles a second time, let alone a third or a fourth, but there is one shining example of how to properly add replayability to a game. In the Custom section, you have the option to draw your own maps using the stylus. This is extremely fun especially once you realize the map you have created looks closer to something Salvador Dali would come up with after a bender.

Add worms and hand grenades to this and then you

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