World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets Review

There once was a time when it would be unthinkable that Poker would be considered a spectator sport.  Watching card games isn

When watching WSoP, you have a table and players sitting around that table.  However, the venues are very different.  If you are going to a training session, you will be in an area where there are gray bricks surrounding you, making it feel like you are in someone

The background noise in WSoP is what you The controls are pretty simple since this is a poker game.  No need to worry about high-twitch reflexes for this one!  You can use either the analog stick or the D-pad to move the cursor and make your selection.  Hitting X selects the action, and Triangle lets you view your hole cards.  Those are the basic controls, and you really don

If you like to have a wide variety of Poker games, then WSoP definitely delivers with several variables of Poker.  While you are most likely going to be playing Texas Hold

With three difficulty levels, you are going to be challenged no matter what your skill level is.  It will also take you a while to get through all of the events because of how long it will take you to get through each of the tournaments.  These can be long to get though, especially since you can

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