Wolfenstein Review

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The sound quality is definitely one of the high points of this title.  The levels all have environmental sound effects that feel just right.  The farm level is a quiet countryside where you hear the sounds of a nearby stream, birds chirping, and the underbrush rustling as you sneak through it.  On the flip side, the cannery is a constant cacophony of sound, with the rattle of machinery, a nearby train yard, heavy weapons testing, and firefights all trying to drown each other out.  The sound work sets the tone perfectly for each of the levels and adds immeasurably to the game experience.  The one complaint I had about the environment sounds is that they completely go away whenever you go to swap weapons.  Your enemies can be in mid-rant when you decide to switch from your machinegun to your sniper rifle and all sound will cease.  Not a huge deal, but it definitely breaks up the gameplay and is a minor distraction.


The voice acting is actually very good throughout, with a couple minor exceptions.  Your character, B.J., is ably voiced by Peter Jessop, but the rest of the cast lays on the fake German accents a little heavily at times.  The development team definitely put forth  the effort into having a variety of voices and accents for the entire game, so it

The default control scheme for B.J. is pretty much standard, with the L1 button zooming in, R1 firing your weapon, x to jump, triangle to use an object, square to reload, and circle to crouch.  The controls are fully customizable, but anyone familiar with first person shooters will be able to pick up a controller and play immediately due to the standard control layout.


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At its core Wolfenstein is all about killing hordes of Nazis, usually with a
very thin excuse for killing said Nazis, but how much of a reason do you need
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Multiplayer in Wolfenstein consists of three different modes

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