Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 Review

The world’s #1 soccer series is back with new modes of play and more international teams than ever before. Take the field and experience the game’s realistic, fast-paced action or take the reins of your favorite team with the in-depth Master League Mode. Featuring full online support, players from around the world can go head-to-head to find out who has the best moves in the most realistic and authentic soccer game around.


The game looks incredible with few exceptions. The players are pretty realistic, and the soccer fields themselves are really good. I have to assume they are realistic because I

Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking are back as your favorite soccer commentators; their quaint and knowledgeable British accents chattering away all the while. However, they aren

The controls in the game are pretty good. Player movement is solid with either the left analog or the D-pad. Passing, chipping, shooting, and clearing the ball are highly responsive to their respective buttons. Holding down the R1 on top for sprinting isn

As mentioned before, the lack of licensing may have crippled the game somewhat. While still plenty enjoyable, the lack of familiar names and faces must be counted as a demerit. I don

The efforts to make this game a coaching sim rather baffle me. If you have the need to get ulcers from watching your players not do as you have practiced all week, then the option is available. You can run practices with specific players to get them

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