Winning Eleven 9 Review

In 1994, I was fortunate enough to head to the Cotton Bowl with my dad and sister to watch my first live World Cup match and it was an absolute blast. Dallas, Texas is hotter than hell and twice as humid during the summer and that small stadium was packed to overflowing with rowdy soccer fans. Temperatures were soaring and so was the passion of die-hard soccer fans as the World Cup graced the stage in our own backyard. It was beyond cool to see several thousand fans united by their love of an entire sport regardless of who was playing. That marked the point at which I became enraptured by a sport beloved the world over that for whatever reason has historically been a tough sell in the United States.

One thing that shouldn

I genuinely like the heck out of this game, but man is it ugly on the eyes. Watching the players run around during the actual matches made me think of sports games from the SNES days which probably isn

I honestly wish there were more sound effects in this game, I truly do. The slight roar of the crowd feels and sounds generic, and I couldn

There are six pages in the Winning Eleven 9 manual devoted to the controls and what buttons do what if that tells you how even something simple can become a complex monster. The upshot to this is that everything is relatively easy to pick up after playing through a few matches. It

The first match I played in the game, between the US (me) and Mexico, went into overtime with a score of 0-0. My Fair Lady watched over my left shoulder as I improved with my defensive skills but then she pointed something out that I honestly hadn

If you are even remotely a fan of soccer, or a fan of stat management, then Winning Eleven 9 is absolutely your game. There is a mind-boggling array of customization choices from players to the color and type of shoes they wear, and that

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