Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Review

When Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? (WWTBAM) first came on the air with Regis Philbin, it was a huge hit that brought about a renaissance of prime time game shows.  After a while it became overplayed and included too many celebrity shows.  Then it went into syndication with Meredith Vieira as host.  While the game has gone through minor changes, it has stayed popular.  It even integrated

A clock was added to the past two years of the syndicated season, and that

When you first start the game, the categories of the first five questions are revealed.  If you answer those correctly, you

When you first start, you can choose from twelve different avatars to represent you in the hot seat.  You can change up the wardrobe a bit, and you get more wardrobe updates as you play the game.  You don

The game itself is accurately recreated.  The first five questions are very easy, and sometimes I wished that I could skip past them because it got annoying to have to deal with them every game.  When you start to hit question eight or nine, the game difficulty seems to ramp up.  This also seems to be in line with the actual show with the difficulty of the questions.


To select the answer you want to, you use the Wii Remote to highlight the answer and then hit the A button.  Once you have done that, you have to select

Since you aren

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