Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star Review

Warhawk was first released on the PS3 last year. It launched as an online multiplayer only game and since its launch Sony has added three Booster packs. The latest booster pack is called Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star and it adds a host of new features, a new vehicle, a new map and a bunch of new layouts for existing maps.

In addition to Operation Fallen Star, Sony has released update 1.5, which adds trophy support to the game along with other minor improvement. 

Existing Warhawk players won

Warhawk is definitely a good looking game. Textures have a depth and richness to them, there isn’t an over abundance of bloom lighting, the framerate is rock solid, and best of all there is none of that next-gen plasticky look that tends to be the norm in a lot of other titles. Of course technical prowess isn’t all that matters, a game can approach the “Uncanny Valley” all it wants, but art direction is what really makes games shine. Warhawk has it in spades. You really feel like you are in a war torn country fighting for your life. Burning buildings, sepia-toned sunsets, and military bases can be found all over, and even though it is mainly cosmetic, each team has a very distinct look that you can customize as you gain more and more ranks.

Lastly the arenas that you battle in can be as massive as you want or as little as you need, and the game engine doesn’t miss a beat. You can land your Warhawk on top of a mountain range, pull out the binoculars or sniper rifle and practically see forever. Some levels don’t seem to end, and even better is that there are no invisible barriers. You could literally walk from one end to the other with nothing stopping you. For an online multiplayer title I was expecting dumbed down graphics with tight and constricted maps designed to help with latency issues. Instead you get a war torn paradise with gigantic maps that each have a distinct look and feel to really draw you into the battles.

Operation Fallen Star

Warhawk combines a mixture of excellent sound effects with a military movie-esque soundtrack to give the feeling that you truly are part of something much larger. Each vehicle engine has its own distinct sound, as does every weapon. There is definitely a distinct sound to the flame thrower that when you hear that hiss you know to hightail it to somewhere safe before you get fried. You may never really notice the soundtrack because you are so busy trying to help your team achieve the next objective, but that really is the best thing about it. The soundtrack is so seamless into the gameplay that it truly does compliment the game battles well.

Nothing has really changed in the sound department for Operation Fallen Star. The jetpacks provide the only new sound in the game and they give off a realistic jet sound that only helps add to the war theme.

No one ever complains about having a lot of choice when it comes to controls in video games. If you polled the gaming masses, everyone would agree that being able to adjust any game’s controls to your personal tastes would be preferred to a locked system. It seems that Incognito agrees with this principle as Warhawk allows for multiple control styles. You can choose to have inverted controls for each set of vehicles, you can choose to use motion controls, and you can even adjust the sensitivity. Personally I wasn’t too fond of the motion controls. The Six-Axis controller doesn’t provide the most precise motion sensing, and while it will work for some, I felt it was much too loose for me.

However, the analog controls provide a tight gaming experience that you can enjoy from the start. Each vehicle has a different feel, and when you switch from hover to jet in a Warhawk, your controls change from a tank-like tactical hover plane to a fast moving, easy to maneuver missile dodging bird of destruction. One thing that was severely lacking was any real in game explanation of the controls.

Incognito has finally addressed one of our complaints with our original Warhawk review and has included a multi-part tutorial. The tutorial covers ground combat, vehicle combat, and two different phases of air combat. I have been playing Warhawk since its launch and I still found the tutorial to be helpful. I actually learned a couple of things that I didn

The core Warhawk game hasn

Operation Fallen Star can be purchased on the Playstation Network for $7.99, alternatively players can purchase all three booster packs for $14.99. Sony also recently reduced Warhawk

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