Virtua Fighter 5 Review

When Virtua Fighter premiered in 1993, it was a step in the new direction


While Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is highly regarded as one of the best fighting games ever created, the choice of J-pop music in the game is probably one of the most questionable decisions made in the gaming industry.  Fortunately, VF5 doesn

The control system shouldn

The Arcade Mode is the main portion of the game.  The story behind VF5 has something to do with the Fifth World Fighting Tournament.  Some fighters are there for their own personal glory, some are there because of some kind of revenge against one of the other fighters, and some are there to fight against J6, the six global corporations running the Fifth World Fighting Tournament.  However, when you are talking about the story in a fighting game, you know that they rarely make sense and they really don

Each character in VF5 has so many moves that it would take a long time for anyone to get through mastering a single character.  With seventeen characters, you won

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