Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume Review

In some circles, the original Valkyrie Profile on PS1 is considered somewhat of a

VP: CotP tells the story of Wyl, who apparently lives in a world that was constructed solely from clay and mud.  Nearly every level will consist of some shade of dull browns, greys, and greens, and there is very little color to spruce up the proceedings.  Given the developer

Sadly, most of the sound designers took their cue from the artists and decided boring and generic would be the way to go.   All the music is completely forgettable.   I understand a few pieces were versions of tracks from the original game, which doesn’t say much for that game’s sountrack either.  There is some voice acting, but it is limited to either short post-battle quips or hollering the name of the super-attacks as they happen.  There

The control scheme is standard SRPG fare.  Use the D-pad to move around the battle grid, and buttons to initiate attacks.  During each attack sequence, the characters involved in the attack are mapped to the face buttons.  Similar to previous VP games, the player uses a sequence of timed button presses to continue attack combos, cause more damage, and gain extra XP.  It takes a while, but once you figure the combo timing, it

The story set-up for VP:COTN is very strong, and one of the more intriguing aspects of the game.  Rather than focus on Lenneth (the titular Valkyrie), it instead tells the story of Wyl.  When Wyl CP: COTP was designed with the idea that players would play through it more than once.  As with other Valkyrie Profile titles, it provides multiple endings depending on the order you complete the missions and which characters you decide to kill with the Plume.  When you finish a game and restart, your characters keep all the skills, items, and weapons from your previous game.  With it

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