Unreal Tournament 3 Review

Guess what

The graphics in Unreal Tournament III are obviously going to get a great deal of attention.  Simply put, this game makes use of every shader, light technique, normal mapping, and visual trick in the book.  Here is the difference

As I write this I am listening to the Unreal Tournament III soundtrack.  In fact, I

Have you played a First Person Shooter recently?  Yea, it

And now we come to the center of the hedge maze.  If December NPD numbers are to be believed, somehow this title has not translated all of this fantastic potential into sales.  Before we talk about how that happened, let

Unreal Tournament III ships with a full editing system, as well as a character customization system.  You can choose from eight types of armor for each character, allowing you to toss on the cool cape-like armors and the like.  Since the system is in place, you know modders will be making the most of it.  Perhaps they can shore up the oversight of not including Mr. Crow?  Perhaps they can also bring me an updated Facing Worlds map. 

Speaking of maps, they are fairly evenly laid out with well-placed objectives dotting the landscape.  After playing for several days I can

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