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Turok started off on the Nintendo 64 with a unique concept of the player fighting against man and dinosaur.  Since it was one of the first FPS games on the N64, the game gained quite a following and spawned a sequel.  Since then, the name Turok has garnered much sneering after Turok: Evolution.  Seeming to have a permanent place in bargain bins everywhere, the ridiculous characters made Turok the pun of many bad gaming jokes along the vein of Daikatana and Superman 64.

Now Turok has landed on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, going through a reboot in the process.  You play as Joseph Turok, a Native American who has turned from his heritage.  Turok is a former black ops commando who is now a part of Whiskey Company, an elite Special Forces unit.  You mission is to take down Roland Kane, a war criminal and Turok

What is it with shooters and the need to be in dark places lately?  After playing TimeShift, I felt that the developers had similar texture and lighting artists.  While the jungle areas are bright with sunlight and vegetation, you

Turok actually has some background music in-game.  While it doesn

Anyone who has played a recent shooter will feel like this is old hat to them.  The analog sticks control movement.  The D-pad switches out your weapons.  Hitting X jumps, Square reloads, Circle interacts with the environment, and Triangle crouches or stands depending on your current stance.

The triggers do different things depend on if you are using a single weapon or dual-wielding.  If you are using a single weapon R2 fires, R1 shoots a secondary fire, L1 throws a grenade, and L2 zooms in for a more accurate shot.  When dual-wielding, the R1 and R2 buttons do the same thing, but the L1 and L2 buttons are used for shooting the weapon in your left hand.

There are a few issues with the controls.  First of all, you can

When you start off Turok, you are in a spaceship going after Kane.  It

The game isn

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