Tropico 3 Review

Back in 2001, PopTop Software put out a great little economic and political management title called Tropico. Tropico was a satirical simulation of operating your own banana republic

Tropico 3 contains three modes of play

While all this sounds like a great deal to manage, Tropico 3 provides a fairly intuitive interface to keep things straight. You can quickly look at your populace

The audio is also excellent, featuring a Latin soundtrack that will instantly make you feel like you

Another nitpick is a result of the new three-dimensional environment. Sometimes it

The 360 version also suffers some unique flaws that just aren’t apparent in the PC version. Instead of taking advantage of the simplified console button layout of a controller, the developers tried to hammer the existing interface onto a controller just not designed for it. The result is a very clumsy menu system with some odd button combos necessary to perform all the actions necessary in the game. I also noticed some slow-down at times on the 360 that I never experienced on the PC version. All other things being equal, the PC version is definitely the superior platform to play the game on – and cheaper to boot.

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