Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

Vicarious Visions brings the next Transformers installment to Nintendo

The game engine used reminds me of the same one for Metroid Prime Hunters. The game uses a third person view walking through rooms divided by doors which either open when walked up to or after you shoot a switch. Levels consist of walking around on platforms, jumping to reach higher areas, and avoiding falls into chasms. Graphically it is what you would expect from a DS shooter title, with nothing to say

The game mechanics offer some interesting elements. You get to choose between two Transformers to bring with you through a mission, gaining experience through fighting enemies and collecting Energon cubes to raise attributes. Transformers come in three types: Small, Heavy, and Flying. These types are used throughout missions to take different paths through them. Small types can fit through low openings, Heavy types can smash through certain walls, and Flying types can take paths out of normal reach.

Besides the types, different Transformers have attack types noted by a symbol. A yellow triangle is melee, a blue square is plasma and a red circle is laser. When targeting an enemy, it will display the weakness it has. This is where switching between which Transformer you are controlling is important, as you will want to match the Transformer attacking with the weakness of the enemy.

There is of course a

Speaking of checkpoints, this is where the game

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