Transformers: The Game Review

The Transformers!  More than meets the eye.  Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.

If you can sing that theme song, you were most likely a child of the

The graphics in Transformers: The Game are bland at best.  The models have low polygon counts which make everything look blocky.  Textures can help hide low polygon counts if they are done well and can help make the game shine.  Unfortunately, the textures are blurry and don

While Gary Chalk has helmed the voice of Optimus since the Beast Wars days, those who fondly remember the original will never forget the voice of Peter Cullen as the original Optimus Prime.  The game

Controlling Transformers takes a little practice because of the robot mode and the vehicle mode.  In robot mode the analog nub controls movement, X and Triangle move your view up and down respectively, Square fires your weapon, and Circle picks up items.  The L button jumps while holding R strafes in conjunction with the analog nub.  Hitting both L and R together transforms your character.  Down on the D-pad locks onto a target, Up performs a super move, Left throws an item you have, and Right cycles your four weapons.

Driving handles a little differently.  The analog nub controls left and right while X accelerates and Square reverses.  L converts you back to robot mode, while R fires your vehicle weapon.  Right on the D-pad again cycles your weapons, while Down locks on to targets if you have that ability with the weapon you are using.

If the controls sound a bit confusing from their description, you are right.  It takes a while to get used to which button does what function.  There are times when you aren

Transformers: The Game chronicles the struggle between the Autobots and the Decepticons as they wage battle on earth for the Allspark.   The Autobots are searching for it to prevent the Decepticons from using it for evil.  While the story isn

Transformers: The Game is a nice diversion, but it won

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