Transformers: The Game Review

Transformers: The Movie is just days away.  It has been 20 years since the Transformers have been truly mainstream, but pop culture phenomenon like vehicles that can transform into giant robots doesn

Transformers: The Game kicks off with a fantastic intro by CGI powerhouse Blur Studios.  Giving us all an early look of how awesome the visuals in the movie can be, the intro gives a quick overview of how we come to be in the middle of the struggle between the Autobots and Decepticons.  A simply top notch effort and well worth watching twice.

Before you start most missions you

Michael Bay is good at a few things with car crashes and recruiting good musical composers being at the top of that list.  Traveller

Controlling your massive robot form in Transformers: The Game is pretty simple.  You

The game starts off by delivering on its initial promise

There are several sets of bonus content to unlock in each hub of the game.  One example could be the Heroic bonus which you achieve by destroying your enemies in rapid succession.  As you progress through this unlock goal, an icon representing your chosen side will pop up on the top of your screen.  Filling all 5 will immediately unlock the bonus content at the main menu.  These objectives take a little bit of skill, but nothing over the top.   You

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