Transformers: Cybertron Adventures Review

When I heard that we had Transformers: Cybertron Adventures for the Wii available for review, I took it since I figured it wouldn

While Cybertron Adventures is a rail shooter, it has a cover mechanic similar to the Time Crisis games.  Holding down the A button allows you take cover behind objects.  During this time you can heal quickly.  However, the Power Up meter decreases quickly.  The Power Up meter fills up faster the more damage you deal out, and your weapons become stronger as it fills up.  This also increases the multiplier that gives points for each target you destroy.


You are given four different weapons while in robot mode, and two in vehicle mode.  The Blaster is your basic pea shooter.  Eventually the Blaster gets upgraded to the Canon which shoots energy beams that can be charged up.  Lock-On Missiles don

While you are given a variety of weapons, it doesn


The flying characters are a different beast.  In one particular section you feel like you are flying the Millennium Falcon through the second Death Star, except that you can

One thing that the title has going for it is the voice acting.  Peter Cullen returns as the voice of Optimus Prime, and he knows just how to put the right sense of urgency and drama into the voice of Prime.  Other voice actors include Johnny Yong Bosch, Nolan North, and Crispin Glover.  Most of the voice actors will make you think,

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