Tourist Trophy Review

The people at Polyphony are famous for the Gran Turismo series.  In fact, if you talk to the President of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi, about cars you see the excitement in his eyes and the passion in his voice.  He is one of the most diehard car enthusiasts one can ever meet.  Now the people behind Gran Turismo have brought a new racing experience to the PS2 with Tourist Trophy.  Polyphony has taken their expertise they have learned in the Gran Turismo series and developed a motorcycle racing game.  Does this bring an entirely new experience to the PS2, or does it feel like Gran Turismo meets MotoGP?

Tourist Trophy is one of the few titles that support 1080i on the PS2.  Playing in that mode makes the game look incredible.  While playing the game, you almost feel like you are watching a motorcycle racing broadcast on Speed Channel.  The riders lean forward, lean to the side and extend their knees, and shake depending on the balance of the bike.  You swear you can feel the wind rushing by you as you ride, especially in the first-person mode.  The sense of speed is more prominent than racing inside a car.

The different motorcycles are rendered accurately.  The crotch rockets have a different look to them than the less powerful motorcycles.  The differences in headlights, tags, and wheel rims give each class a unique field.  Unfortunately, you

The motorcycles are the main focus of the game, and they all sound great.  You

You won

At the main menu, you have an arcade mode that allows you to get into the game quickly, but you are only allowed to use the motorcycles you have already unlocked in the Tourist Trophy Mode.  Tourist Trophy mode is the career mode of the game where you spend most of the time in.  A replay theater is available to see all your saved run-throughs.  The music theater lets you play the music in the game and create a soundtrack for slideshows and replays.

Arcade mode has a 1-on-1 mode which lets you race against another opponent using street bikes, a four-person race using race-modified models, and a time trial to get the best lap on different courses.  You can also play a two-player race with a friend.  While there are few modes, there

By completing challenges, you get new gear and bikes.  While the new gear is nice, some of it is nothing more than cosmetic changes to your character.  However, if you want to complete the entire game, you will get your money

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