Torchlight Review

The game has an energy to it that is infectious. Right from the start, you sense the game has an overactive pulse that propels you ever forward. You must finish this level. You have to complete a set of unique armor even if it means re-slaughtering an entire map four or five times. And so on.


What really helps on the Xbox 360 is being able to move your character with the left thumbstick instead of repetitively clicking everywhere with your mouse on the PC. This alleviates the strained wrist so common to click-fests, and probably why I

The downside to this style of game is that there is a lack of any attachment to the people in the town or even to the town itself. Torchlight

This is where

During that time, they also have specific attacks and resistances based on the type of fish you fed it.


If there is one area in which the XBLA version of

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