Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground Review

It used to be that sports games only came out with a new version each and every year.  A couple of new features and the updated rosters for the sports teams were all that was needed to get new versions out the door and some guaranteed sales for video game players who were also fans of the sport.  The Tony Hawk series has come out for their ninth iteration, but they don

THPG is the second Tony Hawk game to come out on the PS3 and the third to come out for the Xbox 360.  At this stage of the life cycle we should be seeing games that really take advantage of the power of these systems instead of games that look like they were ported from the PS2.  While the graphics have improved, they still don

Neversoft has always done soundtracks for the Tony Hawk games right, and THPG is no exception.  Before skateboarding became mainstream, it had a rebellious attitude.  They have been able to grab artists that capture that attitude.  The soundtrack doesn

They say that if it ain

THPG takes the idea of the open world environment and expands on it.  Similar to Project 8, you have people who have different goals for you to perform.  Each goal has an Amateur, Pro, and Sick level.  While the Amateur and some of the Pro feats are easy to accomplish on the first couple of tries, you

The three skater paths and classic objectives make the game feel big, especially since there are three cities recreated to skate in.  That doesn

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