Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Review

Few series have endured longer than the Tony Hawk series.  Ever since debuting on the N64, Playstation, and Dreamcast, the Tony Hawk series has appeared on just about every console made since.  While he has made appearances on the Game Boy and GBA, those games were closer to the arcade game Skate or Die with their 2D graphics and overhead perspective.  That all changed when Tony Hawk was released on the PSP with Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix.

A couple of years have passed since then and now Activision is releasing their eighth iteration of the series with Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (THP8).  THP8 lets you play as an up and coming skateboarder trying to get noticed by the pros.  You perform tricks in different areas and complete goals to complete your rank.  Will you increase your name high enough and become a part of Project 8?  Is it a journey worth taking?

The graphics of the PSP version of THP8 aren

The music in THP8 is as rebellious as the activity represented in the game.  Mixing a bit of rap/hip-hop, metal, reggae, and other styles, the music adds flavor to the game without being too distracting.  It also helps to keep the movement of the game flowing.  However, it

Movement in THP8 is handled with the D-pad, while the camera controls are done with the analog nub.  Using the R key in conjunction with the D-pad allows you to turn quickly.  Ollies are performed with the X key, while you grind using the Triangle key.  If you want to perform flip tricks you use the Square button, and grab tricks are made with the Circle button.  These are the most basic moves, but more advanced moves can be made with combinations of the controls.

You can move into the

The main mode in THP8 is the career mode.  In this mode you work on increasing your rank so that you can become a part of Tony Hawk

While the Career mode is the main portion of the game, a few other modes are available as well.  In Classic mode you have specific objectives to complete in each level.  Each goal has an AM, Pro, and Sick difficulty.  The number of objectives you complete in two minutes will determine the difficulty level you complete.  This unlocks new levels in the Classic mode.  In Horse you play against another person on the same PSP.  You each battle back and forth to create a better combo from the same point on a level.  The one who gets less points or takes a dive earns a letter.  The first to spell Horse (or another word of your choosing) loses.  You can also Free Skate through the levels you have already unlocked.  This is a good way to be able to practice tricks without worrying about completing goals.

The Wireless mode you can play up to twelve different games against others over the Internet.  The include Trick Attack, Obstacle Course, Graffiti, Elimiskate, Scare Challenge, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill.  While some of these games have been available in previous versions of the Tony Hawk series, it

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