Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Review

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is the latest version of the Ghost Recon series. In GR:AW, you play Captain Scott Mitchell, leader of Ghost squad, an elite military squad, in the year 2013. The overall story arc takes place in Mexico City during a military coup. The story is familiar. Big bad General gets it in his head that he can run things better and rather then waiting for elections, tries to take over the country by force. He couldn

By now I am sure that most of you have seen the screenshots and videos. If not, I can say that one thing that is great is the graphics. They are beautiful and sharp. The lighting is great as well, with the proper blur and whiteout when looking towards the sun. There wasn

I am far from an audophile, so sound grading is a weak spot for me. I typically turn off the music in most games I play, however, in this game, the music does assist in gameplay as it changes tempo depending on if you are near an enemy or not, so I left it on low.

The sound effects themselves seem good, however, since I have never been in a firefight, I can’t judge their authenticity.

All of the characters are voiced and while you will hear the same phrases over and over a lot, they never got annoying.

The voice acting for the in-game “cutscenes” were fine and the voices matched the characters pretty well.

During the first mission you will learn movement, team control, and secondary asset control. Your most common secondary asset is the UAV (which I believe stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), which is basically a remote

Gameplay is pretty much what you would expect from a tactical FPS. Run and gun won’t usually work, especially in the “solo” missions. Enemies are pretty much the same throughout although the number varies between too few, too many, and just right.


There are quite a few achiements to accomplish, however, I don’t have a complete list. As such I can’t say how much replay you would get for the single player mission. I guess it would depend on if you regularly replay games after you have finished them.

Multiplayer is another story altogether. Due to time constraints, I didn

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