Tom Clancy’s EndWar Review

Just like any good Tom Clancy novel, Tom Clancy

When it comes to eye candy, TCEW really delivers.  The attention to detail is just amazing, and shows up throughout gameplay.  When you zoom in on a squad of your infantryman attacking enemy tanks, you can see some soldiers going prone and firing, while others shoot from behind trees or structures.  Viewing a clash between two sets of helicopters, you

TCEW does very well when it comes to audio; the gunfire, explosions, and rockets are very realistic sounding and have a sufficient amount of variety.  In no time at all you

The absolute high point of this game is the control scheme.  When I first set up my headset to use voice commands, I expected it to be of limited use and more of a selling gimmick than anything else.  Boy was I wrong.  The voice commands work flawlessly

If the story setup sounds complicated, don

The single player campaign, consisting of more than 40 missions will provide around 25 hours of gameplay, but the real value here is the online multiplayer.  With up to four players in a match, multiplayer games are always full of surprises.  Just when you think you have the game locked up, someone deploys their WMDs and the lead changes just like that.  Multiplayer requires quick thinking and a good awareness of the battlefield for you to be successful at it, but is well worth the time spent.


There are four kinds of online battles: siege, raid, assault, and conquest. Sieges require you to secure the uplink (control point placed on the map) and hold it for a period of time before the enemy gets reinforcements. Raid requires you to destroy over half of the critical structures in the map before time runs out. In assault mode, you have to kill all the enemies on the map. Last but not least is conquest mode, where you have to hold more than half of the uplinks on the map for five minutes to succeed. The twist with conquest mode is once one side captures more than half the uplinks it will trigger DEFCON 1, allowing the losing side to deploy a WMD. Once the losing side has deployed a WMD, everyone is then able to use their own weapons of mass destruction as well.

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