Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

I have loved light gun games for a long time now. As a child I pumped a lot of quarters into games like Operation Wolf, Operation X, and Terminator 2. Recreating a home version of these games has always required a bunch of extra peripherals, because of the extra investment required to properly play an arcade shooter at home the genre has never really become a mainstay on the home console. That is until the Wii launched and we were treated to all kinds of good light gun games thanks to the Wiimote. Now that the Playstation Move has launched, Sony

Move As A Gun?


With the exception of Razing Storm adventure mode all of the included games play like a classic light gun/arcade shooter game. This means that you have no control over your character

All Kinds of Game


So now that we know the controls work, what about the games? Time Crisis: Razing Storm arcade mode is perhaps the shallowest of the light gun games in the package. It has a story, but it is paper thin. As near as I can tell it has nothing to do with any of the previous Time Crisis games. You play as a commando in an elite squad whose mission is to infiltrate a high rise building and bring a laser weapon online. Apart from that, there really isn’t a story to speak of. On top of the thin story, is a really short play through time. The game can literally be beaten in less than an hour and ends very suddenly. On the flip side, the action in Razing Storm is top notch while it lasts and the game is the best one to play co-op. Graphically, it is a step above Time Crisis 4, but it

Time Crisis 4 is up next and it fairs a bit better from a story perspective. The version included on this disc is the arcade version and it can also be found on the original Time Crisis 4 release for the PS3. Time Crisis 4 does have a legitimate storyline, but keep in mind that this is a light gun game and not Metal Gear Solid. The game is also a bit longer than Razing Storm but it can still be beaten in around an hour. Adding to its longevity is the fact that it is by far the most difficult game in the package and you will have to play it several times in order to unlock more continues, which you will no doubt need in order to beat the game.


My favorite game in the entire package by far is Deadstorm Pirates. The game obviously pulls inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The game presents an over the top tale of a band of pirates in search of treasure on a monster infested island. The story and setting are very fun and the theme works well. Adding to the all out action of the game is the fact that your character

Is This Really a FPS?


Now for the low point of the package; Time Crisis: Razing Storm adventure mode is a big disappointment. The idea behind it is actually pretty strong. Adventure mode has it

First of all, adventure mode isn

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