Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 Review


The next thing the controls allow you to do this year is determine the power of your shot. For the first time the on screen swing will follow your hand motions almost exactly. If you take a swing half way back and pause, the onscreen character will be moving right along with you and pause at the same time. When you swing hard the onscreen player will swing hard. It’s not all roses – there were occasions where my on-screen avatar didn’t swing nearly as hard as I did – but it works most of the time. In fact I found that if I played multiple rounds in a row I would naturally get tired in real life from of all the swinging. This resulted in my onscreen player hitting the ball softer. It wasn

One of the key differences with this year

One of the most robust features this year is the online mode. EA has brought back the online fast play mode where you go head to head against another player, but you don

Graphically Tiger Woods 10 is the best looking Wii version of the game to date. The courses have all received hefty graphical improvements, with more detail and better textures than previous versions of the game. Players will definitely not confuse the Wii version’s graphics for a port of the PS2 version. Overall the look of the game seems to be sharper and less blurry than past versions. There is still a fair amount of aliasing and the course and model detail is not as good as the 360 and PS3 versions. But, for the Wii, Tiger Woods 10 looks pretty good.


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Did I mention that there are 27 courses in Tiger Woods 10? With 27 courses, an entire army of game modes, create a player, PGA Tour Season, online head to head play, online tournaments, Play the Pros, frisbee golf, party modes, improved graphics, and the icing on the cake, Wii Motion Plus controls, there is no doubt that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is the best version of the game available on any console. For $59.99 it is an absolute steal and anyone who enjoys golf should pick it up.

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