Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 Review

The king of golf is here again. Tiger Woods has thrilled PSP gamers twice before and is up for another whack off the tee. By “thrilled”, I mean “given us some really long load times, shaky gameplay, and the only real alternative to Hot Shots Golf.” The proven EA track record for new systems is clearly in play with the Tiger franchise for PSP: Horrible first game, followed up by a second game that clears out most of the big issues with the first, and then give us something fairly decent on the third try that makes us wonder why it wasn

Keeping up with its console brothers, Tiger Woods for the PSP tees off with the ability to fashion your golfer in your own image, or any other image you choose. I dug right in and created my golfing likeness with great accuracy. Not knowing about this option, my wife walked by, took a look at the screen and said “Hey, that guy looks just like you, who is it?” After a lie about making the tour, she was pretty impressed with the ability to get that type of accuracy. Coming from someone with little game interest, I took it as a big plus.

Once you build and outfit your golfer it

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If any of you have played the debut of Tiger Woods on the PSP then you are all too familiar with the load times. It took so long to get to the actual game that it should have been renamed Sergio Garcia Golf in homage to the human rain delay that Garcia provides before every shot. The game itself was OK, but the load times assured it would hardly ever find itself inside your PSP. Over the last few years EA stepped it up a bit in this area, and in the current edition load times are cut down even more. I


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