Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 Review

The folks over at EA must have been licking their chops this year. The next gen is in full swing and they get 2 more consoles to throw some of their staple games at. While the PS3 gives them a monster of a system to give you everything including the kitchen sink, the Wii is a different story.  You aren

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In stealing from my own past reviews, it

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While most of the gameplay is tied to the control of the swing, the Tiger standards are still there. You can go out on tour, take the Tiger Challenge or just shoot a round if you want. This is all the stuff you

This is where the Tiger series earns its stripes (Ugh)! As usual, there is plenty to do with your time in this version as well. The tour mode is here with the opportunity to take your created golfer on tour and try to earn a living playing against the greats, building yourself up statistically, and in the wardrobe department, to hit

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