Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 Review

When you think of dominating sports figures, certain people come to mind.  Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Hank Aaron, Sammy Sosa, and Jack Palmer are a few of the names that could be mentioned.  When you talk about golf, there is no denying that Tiger Woods dominates the field consistently.

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour series has been around since Tiger Woods PGA Tour 1999.  Now Tiger is most likely seeing his last action on the Xbox and PS2 with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (TW07).  Does his retirement from the PS2 give him a proper send off with a Green Jacket, or does Tiger shoot for the fairways and end up with a side trip to the water and sand traps?

The best word to describe the graphics in TW07 is odd.  The characters in the game look like people you might find out on the golf course.  The clothing the characters wear has textures to give the impression of wrinkles, but it

EA Trax is back to provide the music during the menus of the game.  I have to admit that I wonder what EA was thinking when they chose the music for the title.  The music is light, mostly driving by percussion with a few keyboards and strings to fill out sounds.  It almost gives a Zen-like experience.  Some might think that this is appropriate for a golf game, but some might wonder if they really want music that could put you to sleep as you are trying to get into a golf game.

The sound effects are sparse, but you don

Selecting the shot type is done with the Square button.  Triangle resets your targeting marker.  Circle gives you a fly by from your position to the marker.  R1 and R2 changes the club selected.  You can move the aim of your shot with the D-pad.  The right analog stick is the Shape Stick.  This changes the area where the club hits the ball, giving you a higher or lower trajectory or forcing the ball to hook or slice.  Pulling back on left stick and then pushing forward to swing hits the ball.  The straighter you pull back and forward, the straighter the ball.

Some of the more advanced controls for TW07 are questionable choices.  While in your backswing, hitting L1 gives you extra power.  Trying to do this isn

Tiger Woods starts you off with a character creation screen.  Here you create your personal avatar for the game.  The number of options available for you when you create your character is impressive.  You start out by choosing your age, gender, skin tone, height, right or left handedness, and difficulty level.  Once you get into the actual character creator, you can change such options like your hairstyle, hair color, facial hair, body structure, eye color, and clothes.  The number of options for your character is staggering.  You can make a character very similar to you if you take enough time to create it.

There are tutorials in the game, but these are all video tutorials.  I would have thought that by this time you would have a real tutorial that shows you how to perform an action and then lets you practice the move.  I also found the same video for two of the tutorials, even though the swing was supposed to be different.  Didn

As mentioned before, there are several game modes to play in the game.  The menu system is a bit convoluted to get to them, but they are available if you want to play them.  They do offer a nice variety to regular golf.  It helps to break up the monotony.  There are 21 courses available for you to test your golf game.

There are two ways to play multiplayer.  You can play with four players using the multitap, or you can play online with a total of four players.  The biggest problem with the online mode is that you really need to have an experienced player to play well online.  Your character has stats that are upgraded during the game, but if you haven

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