Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 Review

The king of golf is here again. Tiger Woods thrilled 360 gamers last year and is up for another whack off the tee. By thrilled, I mean given us some shaky gameplay, missing features and the only golf game on the 360. The proven EA track record for new systems is clearly in play with the Tiger franchise for 360: The first game was a scaled back, stripped down port with better graphics and missing gameplay. If history is to tell us anything, this year

As in years past, Tiger



The shooting mechanics using the analog swing is back in business using the left stick. With that, you are given various ways to reach the green and tons of adjustments you can use to refine your game. Speaking of adjustments, there is a lot you can do with your shots including power in the backswing, punch shots and spin, just to name a few. As previously mentioned the right stick is also invited to the part as the ‘Loft Stick’ allowing for a higher or lower trajectory within the same club.

This brings me to a problem I have with the franchise. While I do appreciate EA giving us the means to take control of the ball in many different ways, I think the ability to make adjustments after the shot is going too far. The way that you put spin on the ball drives me insane. In order to put spin on a shot, you pump the left bumper or “A” button and move the analog stick in the direction you want the ball to travel once it hits the ground. You do all this AFTER you hit the ball. I don

The first thing you

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