The Sopranos Review

If this reviewer can be honest for a moment I would like to take this space to express how mortified I am at the thought of receiving another package with the THQ stamp on it. After receiving then burning through their latest rip-off cash-in of a popular show, in this case HBO

The graphics score would actually be lower but the character models for the primary cast members were very well done. The shame of it is that remains the only impressive visual trick in the entire game. Do not get me wrong, it is extremely cool to walk up to a guy that looks fairly close to Tony Soprano and hear Gandolfini

The true highlight of this otherwise awful game is the voice acting by the principle cast from the show. Star Gandolfini owns the screen every time he steps up just as he does on HBO. There is a great extra in the menu of a recording session where we see Gandolfini shouting at the man who voices the main character. The scene they

Like most everything associated with this game, the controls leave a lot to be desired. Almost every fight winds up devolving into a flurry of button mashing which quickly tires one

Say your character runs into a room and a fight initiates, but one of the enemies gets to you before you can move. He grabs your character and a tussle ensues. The both of you fall to the ground with him pinning you down and he starts punching your character in the face. A prompt will come up that shows you have to rapidly hit the X and square buttons as fast as possible to flip him off of you. So you pound your controller as though your life depended on it and you flip the enemy over onto his back. Then his friends come up behind you and smack you with a two by four and suddenly you

Trying to think up reasons why one would want to replay this game is akin to conjuring excuses to kick yourself between the legs. You know it

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